lego technic toyota hliux


This is my lego technic/nxt toyota hilux, which is my first offroad truck.

Actully it had not very good offroad performance because RWD and low clearence, but it can climb small objects with ease also it is fast!


propulsion – 2 nxt motors.

steering – 1 nxt motor.

sensor : none

suspension – front pedular suspension.


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About kwon8429

hello! I am Kwon8429! maybe you saw me on nxtlog! I love lego!

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  1. The problem with NXT is that if you want it to function well, you have to put the motors in weird positions, making it almost impossible to make a good looking car – this is a good balance of looks and function.

    • ? well… if I want to make my car to well-functioned, Do I have to Put motors in WEIRD position? I can’t understand it… Why?

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