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Grave Digger Monster Truck

Here is my model of Grave digger monster truck, With Lego Technic!

Propulsion : 2 L motors

Steering : one servo motors

Suspension : Flexing axle

Stickers : Yes

Video – Here! 🙂


RC Buggy 12km/h

Here is my RC buggy 12km/h.

Propulsion : two 88002 (lego power functions train motor)

Steering : M motor

Powerplant : lego power functions

suspension : None

Lego Technic 41999 review!


When I back to home after camp, That was just in front of me 🙂

Here is my lego technic 41999 review, Enjoy!

Thank you for reading!

Note :

41999 is this set, the exclusive edition of Lego technic 9398.


lego technic toyota hliux


This is my lego technic/nxt toyota hilux, which is my first offroad truck.

Actully it had not very good offroad performance because RWD and low clearence, but it can climb small objects with ease also it is fast!


propulsion – 2 nxt motors.

steering – 1 nxt motor.

sensor : none

suspension – front pedular suspension.


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Ganymede : lego RC boat!

Now, Finally I finished my RC boat, Ganymede!

Heavy Battle Droids Battle pack!


Hello! I’m happy because I can introduce some Cool and interesting Thing!


Vote for it! It is in lego CUUSOO!

If you help us, This Battle pack will come to OFFCIAL lego set!


Builder : Maerskfan (Brick films, Mocs, reviews from maerskfan/

Price will be : £11.99

What’s inside? : 5 minifigures, 2 droidekas, 1 STAP

More info can be found here –

Remember Vote for it!

Video :

Open power functions Large motor

Just the L motor was broken so I was open it 🙂 I couldn’t find reason but I got this good video 😀

I Really wanted to see the inside of large motor… So I saw! that was AWESOME.

See the video, plz comment,rate and subscribe my channel and Subscribe this blog too!

3 speed automatic gearbox

2013-03-24 10.17.26 2013-03-24 10.16.35 2013-03-24 10.16.55 2013-03-24 10.17.06 2013-03-24 10.17.18

HEllo! ALL!

this is my first, big and automatied 3 speed gearbox!

it has three speeds, speed 1,2,3 (I call it parking gear,normal gear,drive gear :P)

also, the clutch is motorized- it can change speed itself.

enjoy! (no video sorry)

Lego technic motorized quad bike

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Kwon8429 has new creations 🙂

this is my lego technic motorized quad bike, driven by 2 L motors and steered by 1 servo motor, geared up so it can go extremely fast.


Thanks for reading!