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RC Buggy 12km/h

Here is my RC buggy 12km/h.

Propulsion : two 88002 (lego power functions train motor)

Steering : M motor

Powerplant : lego power functions

suspension : None


Ganymede : lego RC boat!

Now, Finally I finished my RC boat, Ganymede!

Heavy Battle Droids Battle pack!


Hello! I’m happy because I can introduce some Cool and interesting Thing!


Vote for it! It is in lego CUUSOO!

If you help us, This Battle pack will come to OFFCIAL lego set!


Builder : Maerskfan (Brick films, Mocs, reviews from maerskfan/

Price will be : £11.99

What’s inside? : 5 minifigures, 2 droidekas, 1 STAP

More info can be found here –

Remember Vote for it!

Video :

Open power functions Large motor

Just the L motor was broken so I was open it 🙂 I couldn’t find reason but I got this good video 😀

I Really wanted to see the inside of large motor… So I saw! that was AWESOME.

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